Make Corporate vision be a driving force of competitive advantage (using team based strategic planning).


As marketplaces and business environments change, the need for differentiated strategies to tackle new and emerging opportunities or to address challenges; has become the constant in today’s works. We provide a host of consulting and business advisory services that help our clients tap these opportunities, and navigate through business cycles. Our services range across industries and scope; and can broadly be categorized into the following three major areas:

  • Business Advisory
  • Management Consulting
  • Transaction Advisory

Business Advisory services aim to address the operational efficiency of the client organization across a variety of areas. Some of the specific services provided include

  • Review of internal control for effectiveness and comprehensiveness
  • Operational reviews across the various functions of the organization
  • System checks to assess the efficiency

We continue to provide high level management and strategy consulting solutions to our clients on a regular basis. Be it the formulation of a new strategy, the decision to merge / acquire / invest or divest, we provide thought leadership and strategic advice to help our clients arrive at the best decisions for the businesses. In addition, we also provide specific project assessments such as

  • Valuations
  • Due diligence
  • Analytics

to help our clients assess emerging opportunities or address arising challenges to their operations.

Transaction advisory services for our clients include services such as

  • Private equity funding
  • Debt funding from private and / or financial institutions
  • Other financing procurement and disbursement
  • Drawing up of business plans
  • Review of business plans

Our clients continue to benefit from our extensive real world experience and our ability to identify critical success factors on a consistent basis. Our proven track record supplemented by our knowledge additions help drive our success.